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Why bamboo?


Bamboo truly is a wonder plant. It is a symbol of strength, flexibility, and sustainability. For many reasons bamboo, is often called ‘the world’s most renewable material’. It can grow up to one meter a day. This fast grower absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than trees.

To bloom like this, bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilizers, and little water. When bamboo is harvested, the plant regenerates itself in no time thanks to its incredible root system. These root systems also prevent erosion and nourish the soil with potassium and other nutrients.

This renewable “Super Hero” remains impressive when crafted into products. Its strength makes it the first choice to create scaffold in Asia. Bamboo has also natural anti-bacterial properties, which makes it an excellent choice for cutlery or straws. 

Improved techniques make it possible to create textiles from bamboo. Bamboo fiber is extremely soft, and light weighted and is a more sustainable alternative to cotton.

There are many applications where bamboo is a more sustainable substitute, this is why at Bambaw we love bamboo!



Bamboo grows the best in tropical to subtropical climate.  Here at Bambaw, all our bamboo products are organically and ethically sourced from bamboo farms in Indonesia and China.

Always doing our best to ensure that strong social and environmental ethics are followed in all our partnerships. We make sure the workers are being paid well and have the right tools to work properly. 

To guarantee this we are working closely with our partners and help them sustainably develop their production to keep the production footprint minimal.



  • Bamboo is not actually wood, it's a form of sweet grass!
  • Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth.
  • The record for the highest bamboo plant is held by a 48-meter-high bamboo plant in China.
  • Bamboo can absorb up to 30% more CO2 than plants and trees.
  • No pesticides or fertilizers are necessary to grow bamboo.
  • Bamboo is good at preventing soil erosion.