"Bambaw offers a sustainable solution to the overconsumption of disposable plastic straws. For smoothie, cocktail lovers, bar and restaurant owners alike, bamboo straws are a sustainable way to drink!"

Made by nature

Grown and hand selected in Bali, Indonesia, our Bambaw straws are 100% naturally made and BPA free. 


The tensile strength of bamboo is one of nature's most intriguing phenomena. Indeed, Bamboo is stronger than steel. Bambaw straws are naturally designed to be reused.  


If thrown in the compost, bamboo will biodegrade in 4 to 6 months. This is much better than plastic which can take up to 500 years. 

Is the time it takes our earth to grow one straw
Of bacterium that attempts to grow on bamboo are stopped by bamboo kun
Is the number of times a Bambaw straw can be reused
Plastic straws are thrown away every single day
Bamboo grows so fast is has earned the Guinness World Record as the fastest growing plant on Earth.
When a bamboo stem is harvested, a new bamboo stem will naturally grow in its place.
Bamboo can thrive without fertilisers and pesticides because it has its own secret defence called "bamboo kun".
The strength of bamboo is astonishing